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I feel like a shower is needed.
Her tattoos are hot!

Fitspo, thinspo, motivation, information + tips! :) onefitmodel.tumblr.com

Sick D:

Hey guys sorry i’ve been gone for awhile, but i’m sick. Nothing is sitting right in my stomach, so I haven’t been eating a lot and as we know food is fuel, and with the little bit of fuel I have i’m focusing on my school work until my stomach settles.

Bad Girls Club.

So i’m watching BGC and Andrea thought is was okay to call Ashley fat after Ashley confessed she had body dysmorphic disorder. She was a 90 pound anorexic, and could easily become that again. It’s nice to see that she beat it! 

Having a fitblr is such great motivation. Reblog this if you’re an active fitblr and I will follow you, you will get tons of followers!!

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I workout

I will use this to document my workout progress and hopefully encourage others. I've tried before and failed so here I am again.


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